Criminal Law

Mike Seiler spent 14 years at the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office.  He tried hundreds of jury trials, everything from DWI to Murder and everything in between.  Mike Seiler was elected judge of the 435th district court and served parts of 3 terms before resigning the bench in early 2016.  As a judge, Mike Seiler presided over the Sexually Violent Predator docket for the entire State of Texas.  Mike Seiler tried hundreds of jury trials involving sexual predators.  If you are charged with a sexual offense there are things you are aware of and things you need to be aware of.  Mike Seiler knows  experts to call to assist in your defense,  he knows strategies to provide you the best defense possible.  Most importantly, Mike Seiler has been in front of a jury with people charged with sex crimes

Sex crimes ranges from misdemeanor public exposure cases all the way to mandatory life child sexual abuse cases.  You want the best attorney you can get for ANY sexual related crime.  a conviction can be devastating to your reputation and can carry on consequences far past any sentence you get.  Keep in mind, the prosecutor wants to send you to prison.  They are not your friend.  They make careers on these type of cases.  If you are charged with a sex crime you need the best, most experienced attorney you can get.  Mike has 24 years of experience and hundreds and hundreds of jury trials.